A few years ago, our great grandmother, Consuela Pratt, passed away. She always expressed the importance of love, family and unity. Even though we were quite young, when she passed her legacy continues to live on in our family until this very day. Growing up, we always love to make clothes and accessories for our dolls and even each other. By doing so, we were able to work together, use our creativity and have fun at the same time. And without even realizing we were doing something that created unity, embraced love and included family-the exact things that my great grandmother talked about. With our parents support, we wanted to build a family business that would allow us to share our creativity and love for fashion with other children and families throughout the world. At the same time, continue a family legacy that can be passed down to generations to come.




Our brand is unique in that we tailor our clothing to the specific needs of our customers along with personalized tie dye and custom vinyl outfits. At the same time, incorporating love, family, and happiness in all that we do. Our brand includes clothing and accessories for babies to young adults, boys and girls but not limited too. We also create custom outfits for men and women as well.




Our core values are that you can achieve your goals with maintaining a positive mindset, having determination and remaining focus. Customers should choose us because we provide a variety of clothing options and design customizations, with a quick turn-around and prompt response. Furthermore, products are shipped as soon as they are completed. Also, we can manufacture products in bulk for customers who require a large shipment of merchandise for personal or business purposes. Our company goal is to also work with the community to provide different resources for the youth & families.